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Many websites offer do-it-yourself legal forms, including forms for Divorce papers, eviction forms, and lawsuits. While a few dollars spent on a form sounds better than attorney fees, you know what usually happens when things sound too good to be true. The law is complex, and even with the right forms, preparing them can be a headache and little mistakes in information can have drastic consequences for your case.

That’s where our paralegal service comes in. We offer the best paralegal support so you have the expertise necessary to legally fight or defend yourself in court.

Why Prepare Legal Documents With Help?

Our legal assistant and career paralegal staff are trained in legal document preparation and have experience preparing all manner of legal forms similar to yours in a variety of situations. We have assisted with many eviction, divorce and lawsuit matters that have played out in court, equipping our clients with the proper document support which enables us to walk you through a more seamless process. Without help, you have to guess at the meaning behind certain legal terms, hope you complete forms with the right information and sometimes end up paying more because you have to re-file documents or add additional documents later in the process.

Paralegal San Diego Services

You don’t need an attorney for every small legal matter you approach – that much the DIY crowd has correct. An attorney can charge a hefty hourly rate just to speak to you. But to be successful in your case, you do not necessarily need to have an attorney prepare your legal documents. Through our service, you will have the ability to take full control of your case with the professional legal assistance enjoyed by many attorneys.

Instead of providing you with downloadable forms that might not even meet your specific needs, we walk you through a questionnaire related to the legal form you require. Questionnaires are designed to gather basic information for legal documents, and we protect the privacy and confidentiality of any information provided via our website. The questionnaire process makes it obvious what information is required for the form, and you can call or email a paralegal or assistant at any point in the process for clarification on how to complete information.

Reduce the Stress of Legal Document Preparation

When faced with a need to file any type of legal form, time is often short. Our team helps you create and file accurate forms that will be accepted by the court – and our fast service helps you do that before filing deadlines.

If you’re in a legal situation and don’t know where to turn for cost-effective, fast assistance, call us or get started online today.